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  2 Nang Linchi Rd.,
Thung Maha Mek,
Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Tel. +662 345 1118 , 1120
Fax. +662 345 1281-3
Email : trbc@thairussian.org
           Owing to recognizing the importance and trend of economic growth of the Russian Federation as well as the potential of Thailand in terms of manufacturing and services up to now, The Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking (JSCCIB), including the Board of Trade of Thailand, the Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Bankers’ Association, has acknowledged to create the mechanism to promote business and trade between Thailand and the Russian Federation. In order to be flexible and concrete results as well as fostering social and culture relations, the Thai-Russian Business Council (T-RBC) was agreed to be established on 30 November 2007. In this way, the Federation of Thai Industries can play its role in supervising all the procedures which will cover trade, investment, services, finance and banking, logistics, technology and education.

        At present, The Office of T-RBC is located at The Federation of Thai Industries, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, which is at 60 New Rachadapisek Rd., Klong Toey, Bangkok.

Objectives of T- RBC

  1. To encourage and support cooperation on business economics, investment, technology, logistics, finance and banking between the Thai and Russian businessmen concerning policies and practices

  2. To encourage and facilitate cooperation on trade, investment, technology, logistics, finance and banking toward the third country and other countries nearby

  3. To support and facilitate businessmen wishing to get business contacts between the two countries

  4. To be the center for cooperation, opinion exchange and provision of knowledge among the members, government agencies and other people

  5. To be a transparent organization which clearly encourages and supports businesses for the members and businessmen in both countries

  6. To organize trade laws and regulations which are clear, concise and fair for the benefits of the members and business practices in both sides

  7. To encourage and disseminate information on culture, along with tourism in both countries

  8. To promote human resource development์

  9. To support research procedures and academic development and thereby disseminate the findings to the members